TKI Shims in-house capability allows us to produce the highest quality laminated shim stock

Laminated Shim Stock

TKI is set up as a vertically integrated manufacturer of laminated shim stock. We control all key elements of producing and fabricating laminated shim stock. Utilizing the latest in process control technology and a quality system based on AS9100; our goal is not to meet specification requirements but to exceed them every time.

From our state of the art coil-to-coil coating line, to finished cut shims on our CNC abrasive water jet… our in-house capability allows us to not only produce the highest quality laminated shim stock, but also to provide unparalleled service to our customers with the fastest deliveries in the industry for both laminated shimstock raw material and finished cut laminated shims.

Laminating Specs

  • AMS-DTL-22499 : Laminated Aluminum, Laminated Brass, Laminated Stainless Steel
  • Laminated Carbon Steel, Laminated Titanium, Laminated Polyimide
  • AMS 4013 Laminated Aluminum Alloys 1100H19, 5052H19 and 5052H39
  • AMS4508 Laminated Brass 260 Half Hard
  • AMS5500 Laminated Stainless Steel
  • Metric Sizes Available

Standard Sheet Size: 24” x 48” 12” x 48” Custom Sizes Available
Thickness range of .006″ to 1.00″

Materials Available

  • Comp: 1 Laminated Aluminum 1100H19, 5052H19 or 5052H39
  • Comp: 2 Laminated Brass 260 Half Hard
  • Comp: 3 Laminated Stainless Steel 302, 304, 316L, 317PH, 440
  • Comp: 4 Laminated Carbon Steel 1008 & 1010
  • Comp: 5 Laminated Titanium CP-1 annealed
  • Comp: 6 Laminated Polyimide, Kapton
  • Standard laminations are .002” or .003” thick. Half Solid, half laminated sheets are available… custom foil thickness including .001″ and .004″ stainless steel are available, give us a call or email us. We can laminate anything!