High aerospace standards demand quality parts from TKI Shims!

Aerospace Standards

In addition to manufacturing laminated shimstock and finished cut laminated shims, TKI is also a producer and distributor of a wide variety of aerospace standards. We can supply Bell 120 standards and Boeing BAC standards along with many other tough to find and produce shim standards… give us a call or email us with your needs and we can make your parts!

Materials Available

  • Comp: 1 Laminated Aluminum 1100H19, 5052H19 or 5052H39
  • Comp: 2 Laminated Brass 260 Half Hard
  • Comp: 3 Laminated Stainless Steel 302, 304, 316L, 317PH, 440
  • Comp: 4 Laminated Carbon Steel 1008 & 1010
  • Comp: 5 Laminated Titanium CP-1 annealed
  • Comp: 6 Laminated Polyimide, Kapton
  • Standard laminations are .002” or .003” thick. Half Solid, half laminated sheets are available… custom foil thickness including .001″ and .004″ Stainless Steel are available, give us a call or email. We can laminate anything!

Aerospace Part Standards

We stock, distribute and manufacture a wide variety of aerospace shim standards including:

  • Bell 120 standards
  • Boeing BAC series standards
  • Lockheed Martin Standards
  • North Grumman Standards
  • General Dynamics Standards
  • Gulfstream Standards
  • Airbus Standards
  • Martin Marietta Standards
  • Pratt Whitney Standards
  • Sikorsky Standards
  • and others

Specifications by Manufacturer

Bell Helicopter: 120-001 to 009 120-030 to 038 120-040 to 049 120-098, 120-170 120-210


Lockheed Martin: 5PTC1001 5PTC1013 5PTC7018 5PTC4211 5PTC7007 5PTC7008 5PTC7010 LS12379, LS5909 JSFW02

Northrup Grumman: GS12D, CVC573 09A064