The Warbirds of Glory Museum Director, Patrick Mihalek, recently contacted TKI to show us the finished throttle quadrant that our donated shims were used in. The throttle quadrant paid attention to detail and period correctness, which is a huge compliment to the work the museum is undertaking. Patrick and his team are making considerable progress on restoring the B-25J Sandbar Mitchell to flight worthy status. We also were able to help the museum out by fabricating two firewalls and two wing spars for use in the plane. This is a project that TKI is proud to contribute to and be a small part of, we look forward to seeing the B-25J back in the air one day.

Update: Patrick was able to provide recent pictures of wing spars and the B-25J control panel that TKI fabricated utilizing a water jet. Seeing the transformation into usable parts on this restoration project has been a neat experience. The pictures are added below.