TKI was happy to manufacture some laminated shims for the Warbirds of Glory Museum, to be used in the main control quadrant of their B-25J Sandbar Mitchell restoration project.
The restoration is headed by museum director Patrick Mihalek in Brighton, Michigan. In 2013, Patrick and his team traveled to Fairbanks, Alaska to recover the abandoned North American B-25J that sat
on a sand bar for over forty-four years. The museum has a ten year restoration timeline to return the B-25J to airworthy status. They are undertaking this restoration project led by
skilled volunteers and a youth mentorship program. The Youth Mentorship Program helps to mentor and educate future generations in history, teamwork, and skills of the trade that
they may not otherwise be exposed to. The primary objective of the museum is to preserve the historical aircraft for the benefit of future generations. They rely heavily on donations and TKI is proud to be able to help out in a small way. Please consider checking out the progress of the restoration at: